Says who?

While the election campaign was going on, I found it increasingly difficult to decipher the truth. Claims are made all over the place without any backup. I think it is dangerous for the people reading and listening who may not have the skills to critically question things. We put our trust in various sources, perhaps erroneously, to … Continue reading Says who?


Becoming Connected

After writing the post Blogging and Identity, I shared the link to the post on my twitter account which was a bit nerve-wracking. In that post, I described the feelings of vulnerability that come with putting your thoughts and opinions online and sharing it on twitter invited even more potential readers. It was an interesting experience after … Continue reading Becoming Connected

Responding to Blogs

My response to Lori's blog post: Trust the Process Original post can be found here: I have really enjoyed reading Lori's blog and this one in particular resonated with me. Incidentally, prior to residency "resonate" would not have been part of my every day vocabulary but it has somehow become part of my repertoire when it … Continue reading Responding to Blogs